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Originality > Conformity

I’ll start by saying that the tried-and-true in my opinion is not really ‘safe’. Additionally, if we replace ‘Middle-statuses’ with ‘Environmental’ I believe it paints a more accurate thought to this quote.

Here’s what I mean…

You’ve heard the saying, “we’re all product of where we came from”, right? Or maybe, “This is the way it’s always been done”. Either of these sound familiar? In my opinion, we all fall victim to environmental circumstances at some point in our lives. Either our parents did this so we have to as well, or my employer says we have always done business this way so why change it, or my friends bought this so I need to buy it too. These environmental circumstances lead us to conform. Not because it’s what’s best, or even what is right, but because it’s “safe”.

Or is it?

Have you ever had an original thought or idea that excited you but later lost that excitement for fear of the unknown, judgement, or because it goes against the norm? Originality exists because of those who ignored the “dangers” above. True originality exists not because of reckless abandonment of certain circumstances, but because something isn’t working and could be improved. Equally, those who pursue an original thought or idea lack concerns of judgement from others.

Some of the most successful people that ever walked this planet wouldn’t allow themselves to fall victim to conformity. These original thinkers push society into new decades filled with advancements, improvements, and new ways of doing everyday tasks.

Originality & success aren’t built from playing it safe…

As we head into a new week of challenges, Step out of your comfort zone, test your originality, question the status quo, pursue your dreams, & know your truth.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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