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Our RV Nursery is Coming Along Nicely

You all voted for it, so here’s another peek! Baby’s sloth recently picked up a friend (thanks @amandanoon & @matnoon__ ). We also added a corner bookshelf (thanks Wayfair!) next to baby’s changing table dresser and it fits perfectly. We plan to put baby books on the bottom as well as other baby things we need to access easily.

Some old and some new…

Bambi and friends belonged to Meredith when she was a little girl, so it’s only fitting for us to include them with the rest of the animals we’ve setup in baby’s RV nursery. Once we finish unboxing some things family has sent us, we’ll share more pictures.

A few posts ago I shared that we were struggling to find a bedside bassinet that actually fit in the RV over our bed. Well, we’re thankful that we finally found one! Halo Bassinest is both tall enough to cover our bed and small enough to fit in the bedroom….kind of. The base of Halo has long but flat legs to ensure its safety for baby. Fortunately for us, the bed is on a platform with a 2 inch space between the floor and the bed’s platform. This allows the long legs of Halo’s bassinet to slide under the bed’s platform and remain securely on the floor. It also swivels which makes moving it out of the way pretty easily.

So what do y’all think of baby’s RV nursery so far?

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