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Pandemic Pregnancy

Caught some blessings…

22 weeks in and we’re thankful everyday.

As you get older, you spend a good bit of time deciding on the type of person you want to be, what type of career you want to pursue, and how you want to live your life. Most of those I would consider the foundation. Sometimes these can change often, right?

Now It’s exciting figuring out the type of parent you want to be!

For one, we want to show our little one that knowledge is above all else. We wish to teach him or her everything we didn’t know, instead of giving them everything we didn’t have. Most importantly, our hope is to raise our little one with passion, empathy, and love for all.  We recently had our 20 week Ultrasound and let me tell you, seeing our little muffin in great detail flooded my heart with emotions. I’m pretty sure she/he waved at us!

It was a moment that I almost missed out on. But not from my choice.

Having a baby during a Pandemic is different and this particular clinic made zero exceptions allowing only the patient to enter. I waited outside, upset & sitting on the curb. A few minutes and a few tears later, one of the nurses came out to tell me it was ok to come in. We were the last scheduled appointment that day and no one else was there but us. Because of this, they allowed me to come in. This is only the second time I’ve been able to come inside for appointments, as they only allow spouses in for ultrasound. I usually wait outside in the car with a FaceTime call so I can “be there” with Meredith.

It’s the little things, but I’m grateful we were able to share that moment together because it almost didn’t happen.

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