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Raising a Newborn on the Road

Let me tell you about how unbelievably amazing this new momma is…

This weather created so much chaos and so many change of plans, it was hard to keep up. Our heads are still spinning from this busy and stressful week. We knew that Eleanor would make her arrival on either Sunday or Monday and she decided to be a goal getter and show up on a Monday. I (Brett) was also born on a Monday! We have no doubts she’ll be as motivated as both Meredith and I.

What a week to be brand new parents…

Not at all how we pictured it, but if life has taught us anything, you better expect the unexpected. Especially as fulltime nomads and RV’ers. We’ve done exactly what we always do when things get tough…we turn to each other and work as a team.

Even if one of us is in significant pain…

The hospital was concerned about us traveling back to the RV after Eleanor was born and after all necessary tests and exams to ensure all is ok with mom and baby, we were able to go home late afternoon Tuesday 2/16. This was to help us get home before the second wave of this Texas snowstorm hit on Wednesday.

We made it home safe, but…

All the pharmacies closed early that day leaving us unable to pick up Meredith’s pain meds. Everything shut down and the roads became completely unsafe to drive, leaving her to manage without her meds this entire week. She’s unbelievably strong, but each day post delivery the pain increases. I simply don’t know how she manages. Today the temps are supposed to be in the high 30s so we hope to finally pick up her meds from the pharmacy.

What a week it has been. Despite the chaos, we found peace knowing that Eleanor arrived safely and healthy.

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