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Raising a Newborn on the Road: 2 Weeks Old!

Eleanor says, “This week I’ve taught my mom and dad how to achieve maximum output on minimal sleep. I also have them right where I want them…wrapped around my little finger”.

It’s true though. I’m not sure Meredith and I have ever felt true sleep deprivation until now. I’m usually pretty efficient with at least 4 hours of sleep, but for the most part we’re getting 3 or less.

Despite the sleep…

She’s doing awesome. Only gets upset a small percentage of the time and as of our most recent check up, she’s putting on weight! Weighing in more this week than her birth weight! #hellochunkythighs

Raising a newborn in a RV…

Certainly presents challenges, however, truth be told many of the same challenges we face now would be the same even if we were in a traditional home. We do miss a yard for our 3 pups though!

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