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Raising a Newborn on the Road: A Message to New Dads

Shoutout to this lady…

Hard working CRNA, Loving Wife, and New Mom. As a new mom, besides the rest and recovery she should be getting but doesn’t quite get enough of, she’s staying on top of baby Eleanor’s schedule. Keeping her fed, clean, and healthy. Undoubtedly, She’s superhuman.

I’ll just cut to the chase…

I feel incredibly fortunate that I’m home fulltime with her and Eleanor. Many new dads usually have a small amount of paternity leave to spend with mom and baby and then it’s back to work. Monday will make 1 month we brought our newest Nomad home from the hospital and I’ve had the opportunity to witness first hand what moms have to go through with newborns. It’s a tall task, no easy feat, and most days feel like nights, while most nights feel like days. Sleep is no longer consistent and self care disappears much like your free time.

A message to any new dads…

While you are home with mom and baby, do anything and everything possible to assist. Momma will need it. Your paternity leave isn’t a chance for you to work on your short game at the golf course. It isn’t a time for those home projects that you’ve been putting off and for all things holy, it’s not a good time to be impatient.

Supportive. Be it, do it.

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