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Raising a Newborn on the Road: It’s Been One Week!!

People have said soak up each and every minute because they go by so fast. This must be true because it feels like we blinked and it was already a week since baby Eleanor joined our nomadic lifestyle.

A good friend commented recently…

“You won’t even remember how you used to spend your free time”. Yep. Our free time consisted of dog walks and going to the gym, which hopefully we’ll resume again soon once Meredith has healed and recovered. But as for the other free time? No clue what we used to do.

Yesterday was our first in-person Pediatrician appointment and getting there on time was certainly a challenge! Although we were also in the middle of getting the RV drain pipe fixed too. We made it and the doc gave Eleanor a great report! Yay for her and us as new parents!

Making a schedule for a baby…

Is no small feat. Setting a schedule that works for us and baby is our current challenge. We setup shifts every 2-3 hours so that one of us gets some rest, but in many instances, Eleanor will decide how the schedule will be on any given day.

Onward to Week 2 ✌🏻

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