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Raising a Newborn on the Road: Tiny Human Tiny Living

Eleanor, Greek for “bright, shining one”…

Which is completely fitting because since day one she’s been shining bright! Even in the middle of the night, lol. Eleanor just celebrated her 3rd week on this planet and she’s loving it so far!

Being new parents and living tiny…

Is an interesting dynamic. As new parents, everything you do for baby is scary and fun. Scary because you’re always judging yourself on how you are caring for your newborn. Fun because of baby hiccups, sneezes, smiles, all the other baby sounds and facial expressions. Especially the facial expressions because you can play “who makes that expression” with each other. Living tiny with a newborn has actually been great. Keeping the RV clean is easier than keeping a larger home clean. So no matter where we are in the RV, we can hear baby and respond quickly. Baby’s nursery has everything we need and quickly accessible. Additionally, since Meredith and I like to tag team responsibilities, if either of us is working on something for baby, the other can join pretty quickly.

Living tiny with a newborn does come with challenges…

In our particular situation, we have 3 wonderfully behaved big dogs who are and protective of their new human sibling that could benefit from a large backyard. Admittedly, this is probably more for us than them. They get 3 walks a day, but we miss being able to open a BackDoor and letting them run freely without being tethered to their leashes. Also, with one that is a lab/husky mix and what we call a “German Shedder” we end up having to vacuum at least once a day. (Thank God for handheld Dyson’s!). Other reasons like safety and security remain a concern living in our RV. Especially with severe storms. Having enough space isn’t too big of concern since we’ve realized over time that we actually need very little, but counter top space is missed with having to utilize new baby specific appliances and supplies. So many devices that need electricity too, so we are constantly having to balance what is plugged in and running with others so that we don’t cause an issue with our RV’s power inverter.

Do you think you could raise a newborn in a tiny space?

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