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RiseRX Fitness, Tyler TX

Special shout out to these two who helped make our time in Tyler, TX an unforgettable one…

When we left Williamsburg VA for Texas we weren’t sure what to expect. We absolutely loved Williamsburg and were sad when we departed in Jan of 2020 hoping that Texas would deliver as much as Williamsburg did.

The one thing that always stood out from every place we traveled to was our gym friends and family. Takeover Athletics in VA Beach made us feel like family after day one. Ironbound Gym in Williamsburg VA was no different.

Then came @riserxfitness in Tyler, TX. Owners Cune & Michelle provided us our fortress of fitness and solitude for more than a year. We actually didn’t anticipate being in Tyler as long as we did, but we’re all thankful it ended up that way. Cune & Michelle welcomed us newcomers with open arms, always stopped us to ask how things were going and if we needed anything.

@riserxfitness has so much to offer that it can’t simply be summed up as ‘just another gym’. From services to classes to friendly staff, it has it all. Other gyms can offer all of those things but if they don’t have the right ownership, they simply don’t stand out.

Not only does RiseRX stand out, it stands higher than so many others thanks to great people like Cune & Michelle. Thanks for the T-shirt swap as we wear our Rise shirts proudly here in North Carolina.

We had many unforgettable moments from our time in East Texas and RiseRX was absolutely one of them. Make sure if you are passing through Tyler, TX to stop in for their Rise class on Saturday mornings, especially if you enjoy group workouts!

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