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RV Life and Pregnancy: 36 Weeks Day 252!!

3 weeks until we’ll meet our newest little nomad! We do realize that the little one could make his or her arrival any day now! Speaking of, we’ve attended many newborn classes at this point and we’re usually the only ones that have opted for a surprise on delivery day by waiting to find out the sex. It’s been fun to hear everyone’s reaction by our decision and they usually follow their excitement with, “oh gosh, I don’t believe I could wait!”. What’s even more fun is hearing their guesses as to what they believe we’ll have.

Maybe it’s because we’re older and it’s our first…

But healthy momma and healthy baby is our only concerns. We’ll be excited no matter what on due day. In fact, most of you know me by now so you likely wouldn’t be shocked to hear that I’ll (Brett) likely cry like a giant baby once I meet our muffin.

In the meantime, we’ve stayed busy…

Washing baby’s clothes, packing our “go” bags for the big day, setting up the tiny nursery, and double-checking our list to ensure we have what we need. We have a TON of diapers, although I’m sure we are still short on supply. Lol 😆

We absolutely love baby’s mobile…It plays classics from Mozart and Bach! It’s amazing to look at how we’ve converted our tiny bunk room in the RV to baby’s nursery. The amount of rearranging, remeasuring, and readjusting we’ve done over the last several weeks has been a great effort, but completely worth it.

It’s crunch time!

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