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RV Life and Pregnancy: 36 Weeks, Day 255!!

You know what the doctor told us on Tuesday?

Baby could make his or her arrival any day now! 😳. Yep, pretty sure both of us took a big gulp when we heard that. It’s not easy to describe what excitement and anxiousness feels like, but we’re somewhere in the middle of both!

On our recent ultrasound, we both got teary-eyed as we watched baby move around, hiccuping, smacking their lips, and even sticking that tiny tongue out. We found out that baby loves Clementines! Meredith loves them too and she snacks on them in the afternoons which causes our baby to move around quite a bit! We’re due for our growth scan soon, but baby is estimated to be almost 6.5 pounds at this point and is maintaining a heart rate north of 140 beats per minute. 🥰

Meredith’s last day of her contract is tomorrow and she’ll officially be on Maternity leave. We’re hoping she can have some time to rest before baby decides to arrive! She and I have been diligently maintaining our health at the gym 3 days a week, although we will likely back that down just a bit as we head into the next couple of weeks. Fortunately, we have 3 big dogs that love walks, so we’ll be doing plenty of those.

As for our debt free and financial independent journey, everything has been paused at this point. All funds we’ve saved will remain that way until after baby arrives. Safe and healthy delivery for baby & Meredith are most important these days.

Onward to Week 37!

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