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RV Life and Pregnancy: 38 Weeks, Day 268!!

We completed the RV Nursery a week or so ago ✅. We are thankful to have everything ready we just need the little one!

Roughly 80-90 square feet…

Is what we estimate baby’s space to be here in our 42 foot Coachmen 5th Wheel which was formally a bunk room that included a bunk bed and couch that folded out into a bed. We also used the room for our bikes and other odds and ends that we had to clean out.

In case there are any others out there looking to travel in a RV with a newborn or toddler, here are the furniture items we found to fit in our small space…

✅ Halo Bassinest
✅ Delta Children Dressor & changing top
✅ Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

As for electronics…

✅ Owlet Smart Sock 3 with Two Way audio camera
✅ Hatch Night Light and Soundscapes

Here’s the beauty of living tiny while expecting your new baby…

Everything you buy is bought with intentionality. Much like when we left Nashville, things that we brought with us had a specific purpose. Same goes for baby. With a small space, everything must have a specific function as there isn’t room to splurge on unnecessary things. We aren’t minimalist per se, more of intentionalists.

Intentional with our time
Intentional with our money
Intentional with our decisions

Can’t wait to meet our little nomad!

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