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RV’ing and Pregnancy: 33 Weeks Day 231

Y’all it’s getting closer.

Like Palms sweaty closer! Feels like only yesterday Meredith surprised me on Father’s Day 2020 that we were going to be parents.

Where does time go?

Shortly before Christmas, we scheduled a 4D Ultrasound here in Texas to get a better look at our muffin and we weren’t disappointed! We requested to keep our baby’s sex from us so we can continue with our plans to be surprised on delivery day. It was amazing to see baby pucker it’s lips and we even saw baby’s dimples!

Busy Month Ahead

As most of you saw we have our nursery put together which was no small feat and we are making sure there isn’t anything we missed. The next few weeks will be busy, but we can’t wait to meet our little one!

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