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RV’ing and Pregnancy: 34 Weeks!

Switching it up today! That “dad bod” is really starting to show now, 😂. In our stories a few weeks ago, I shared that it seems I’m the one that has been full of the ‘cravings’! I mean, those carbs aren’t going to eat themselves are they? 😆

But in all seriousness, in 5 short weeks we’ll have a new human to care for. We’ve been told that the 1st several weeks can be a huge challenge. Sleep deprivation is the most notable. Oh and lots of diaper changes…LOTS.

The RV nursery is all setup essentially, we’re mostly waiting on the last piece…our baby 😉. I’ll tell you this, putting things together and maneuvering them in a small space is an engineering feat. We can’t wait to share the ‘final’ look with you all. We’ll also likely put a blog post out with all the furniture and goodies we found that fit in a RV to share for others. If you recall from previous posts, we struggled to find a bedside bassinet that fit in the small space. After buying 3 different ones, we finally found ‘the one’. Now, it isn’t perfect or maybe not as ideal as we’d like, but it works.

We have our newborn class this weekend and we’re taking a tour of the hospital room where we will be soon. We’ve also gathered all the necessary things for Meredith and baby’s ‘go bags’.

Our official due date is 2/22/2021, but we could in fact have a Valentine’s Day baby! We’re ready for onesies, snuggles, & kisses!

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