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RV’ing and Pregnancy: 35 Weeks Day 246!

In 4 short weeks we’ll get to meet new our little nomad. Whew, time has flown by. The nursery is ready to go! Let me just say that while the space may be small, it’s the cutest nursery I’ve ever seen (totally not biased though!). The best part of baby’s RV nursery is the combination of new and old. Fortunately for us, Meredith has many of her childhood things that we could mix in with the new things we’ve bought or been gifted from friends and family.

In case there are any guys out there that haven’t become dads yet…

Let me just say that the love for mom has swelled & the love for baby is unmeasurable. I’ve been incredibly excited since day 1. The best part though? I feel so connected with Meredith, I didn’t think my heart could swell so big! So many people say that it isn’t the guy’s life that changes & that only mom’s life does when you have children. Why? Maybe it’s because I’m older dad, but anything I did before baby I’ll continue to do with baby. In fact, I can’t wait to do so many things as a family! From baby’s first words to baby’s first muscle up (😉💪🏻), I plan to be involved in everything. Maybe waiting until our late 30s and almost a decade of marriage to start a family has given Meredith and I ample time to travel, explore together, work through hard times & challenges together ultimately building a solid foundation for us to both stand on. To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Age is only a number and life experiences are priceless.

Grateful for the life we’ve built…

Was it the plan to be in the RV to start a family? Not really. Then again, we never had a plan to live nomadically in our RV to begin with nor did we plan to be in the RV for longer than a year, but here we are. You have your plans and then there’s life’s plans. Living tiny and nomadic over the last 2 years has taught us that “life happens” and when it happens, you likely won’t be ready, but YOU have all the tools to adapt.

Our life over the last couple of years has been amazing…

This little home on wheels has given us more than just living in different zip codes. It’s given us the chance to redefine what life means to us!

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