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RV’ing and Pregnancy: 32 Weeks!

Hello 8 months!

It truly feels like yesterday Meredith was surprising me on Father’s Day of 2020 that I was going to be a dad.  Here we are 8 months later and my excitement continues to fill up this tiny RV space.  Becoming a dad is not something I would ever take for granted, just like our RV Debt Free Journey.

New Beginnings

Truth be told, every step on our journey feels like a first.  We left Nashville to camp in our RV, which was a first for both of us.  We moved to new areas every so many months discovering new friends and colleagues along the way.  Every chapter of our story the last 26 months has been new.  We would have never imagined making such life long friends from our journey, meeting such amazing people, paying down the amount of debt we have, living in a tiny space with 3 big dogs, surviving a global pandemic in a RV, and the best new beginning…becoming new parents.  Even though each chapter has been new on our journey, the one consistent that has remained the same is our RV.


Some will likely tell you we are crazy and we’d likely agree.  However, much of our journey has taught us that going against the ‘norm’ is the most original thing you can do.  I am currently reading a book by Adam Grant called, “Originals” which shows the path of entrepreneurs, leaders, and others who created something new and their path of originality.  This book explains that original thoughts that later became actual devices, new products, or new services usually is a result of someone that strayed away from normal and didn’t conform to societies standards.  I love this book because it reminds me that whenever we look at our path it is far from normal and for many it sounds too risky.  Having a newborn arriving in our RV on February 22nd, 2021 sounds risky, especially when we tell people our story, however, it certainly lines up with our originality and creativity.

Newborn RV Lifestyle

In general, baby supplies aren’t well designed for RV’s or tiny living for that matter.  Which is kind of funny if you think about it.  Babies need so little, especially space, but amazingly the market is heavily driven towards having square footage to accommodate all of babies ‘needs’.  This creates an unique challenge for us a new parents.  See the theme here?  New parents, newborn, new chapter, etc.  I suppose we are up for that challenge as we have figured out how to live tiny for 26 months now with 3 big dogs!  Much of what we have done so far is trial and error along with Meredith breaking out the good old tape measure to ensure what we do buy equals the exact specifications we have in the RV.  Similarly to “every second counts” in CrossFit, “every inch counts” when adding furniture or other equipment to our 400 square foot space.

7-8 Weeks Left

In 7 or 8 short weeks we’ll meet our little nomad.  We’re elated.  Christmas was much different for us this year, but we still were able to visit with immediate family during the holiday.  With only a couple of days left in 2020, we are turning our attention to 2021 with open arms, open hearts, and creative mindsets.  Even though our living space may be tiny, the love little baby Shoemaker will receive certainly isn’t.

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