Our Smoky Mountain Cabin,  Our Story

Setting the Right Examples

Mommy showing Eleanor how it’s done…

and she’s learning from the best. What I love most is that while no doubt many of the things we do today are challenging we know that the long term benefits exceed the short term headaches. I love knowing that Eleanor gets to grow up watching and learning from her super talented mommy.

But not only that…

Imagine getting to grow up with family time at a vacation home your parents worked hard to get and consistently maintain. We feel blessed to have this opportunity for our family and for Eleanor to grow up with.

I suppose that’s what life and being a parent is all about…

Isn’t that what all parents want? Everything from experiences to finances, we wish to teach her the ways of life and guide her on a path of success by exposing her to so many different experiences.

This project involved stripping the old Polyurethane from the multiple decade old wood table, sanding it, then staining it, and finally adding new Polyurethane to it. Thank God I married a handy lady! It turned out GREAT!


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