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You know what makes life exciting? Stories. Historical ones, Past events, future projections on what’s to come, reflections on how things used to be, acceptance on what we got wrong, how things came to be, and where we anticipate to go from here.


I live for stories. Though, admittedly I’ll tell you I enjoy historical ones mostly. Here’s why. You can never fully understand where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. Read that again. Stories shared of simpler times were still met with challenges and understanding what those challenges were and how they overcame them is what makes stories rich with knowledge but priceless in nature.

Now, I’ve not lived nearly long enough to have as many rich stories as those who came before me, but I plan to live everyday of my life as though it’s some autobiography no one asked me to write.

I take pictures of everything.

Sometimes I share too much.

But I live life for stories.

Regardless if I create my own,

Or have the blessed opportunity to hear someone else’s.

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