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Takeover Athletics (Formally Known as CrossFit Takeover): Virginia Beach, VA

Nomadik Fitness:  Our First Gym Since Hitting the Road

Since health and fitness remain a huge factor of importance in our lives, we wanted to start a blog series on all the gyms we’ve traveled to and joined during our RV and Nomadic Journey.  We created our Fitness Community named, “Nomadik Fitness” to highlight our fitness journey and a way to connect others who travel fulltime like we do.  In these posts, we’ll highlight some of our favorite and most memorable experiences at gyms all across our country.

Takeover Athletics (Formally Known as CrossFit Takeover):  Virginia Beach, VA

For the sake of timelines, we’ll start with literally one of our most favorites and the first gym we joined on our journey in Virginia Beach, VA….Takeover Athletics.  We joined Takeover in October of 2018 at their London Bridge location.  They were our 2nd gym we visited when we arrived in VA Beach.  The first, also a CrossFit gym didn’t feel as welcoming and when we dropped in, most of the members ignored us for the most part.  We only dropped in 1 day and knew it wasn’t a good fit.  When you join a CrossFit gym, you look for community and a place that gives you a feeling like you are wanted there.

Exactly what happened with Andy and Ryan at Takeover.  We arrived and met Marisa (Ryan’s wife) who welcomed us and showed us around.  Takeover is a well established CrossFit gym for almost a decade when we joined and that should tell you something because CrossFit gyms typically come and go.  But not Takeover.  Their community is like nothing we had experienced before.  A great mixture of people from all walks of life and solid coaches with many levels of certifications.

The Gym, Equipment, and the Coaching Staff

Takeover’s gym is huge.  It has your typical setup inside of an old warehouse with the large garage doors that opened up to the parking lot.  It features a huge pull up rig, several ropes and multiple sets of rings.  Arguably, the best feature of Takeover is the “open gym” space.  Plenty of room to get in a workout that you missed or work on some movements needing improvement.  Andy is always in house and usually coached the midday classes.  Ryan would occasionally coach midday as well as some afternoons.  Truth be told, as much as we enjoyed Andy’s and Ryan’s coaching, we throughly enjoyed being coached by Mandy during the 4:30p class.  Mandy would always make it a point to go through movements and keep us motivated throughout the workout of the day.  Regardless of their equipment offerings, their coaches are literally the best component of their gym.

The Members

This was the most memorable part of our brief 4 months at Takeover.  We have met some great people on our journey and even some friends that we’ll likely stay connected with for years from now.  Thanksgiving was right around the corner and we did have family in the VA Beach area, but by this point, most of the folks we met and talked with knew we were traveling in our RV and at least 3 different members asked us to join them and their families for Thanksgiving.  Talk about being blown away by kindness.  It was that moment we knew we chose the right gym for us.

We still miss Takeover to this day.  That entire experience not only kept us fit and healthy, but we made lasting connections with people and found a true CrossFit community.  If you ever travel to the VA Beach area for vacation or for business, make sure you drop in to see Andy, Ryan, and the rest of the Takeover gang.  100% recommend.  Great gym with better people.




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