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The Default System

“Justifying the default system serves a soothing function. It’s an emotional painkiller: If the world is supposed to be this way, we don’t need to be dissatisfied with it. But acquiescence also robs us of the moral outrage to stand against injustice and the creative will to consider alternative ways that the world could work.” —Adam Grant, Originals.

Exactly what brought us to our debt free RV Life in October of 2018. We could no longer justify the default system or “it’s just the way things are” mentality as it related to our life and the supposed American Dream.

The default system consists of…

1. Debt
2. Credit Scores
3. Lifestyle Creep
4. More debt
5. Lack of time
6. Interest payments
7. Mortgage Payments
8. Inflation
9. 30 year Mortgages
10. 30 years of FT work for “retirement”

All of the above are considered ‘normal’. Most of us don’t understand anything other than these ‘defaults’. As Americans we go through life equating busyness with success and anyone not filling their life with busyness is less than.

We were born to do more…

than fill our lives with busyness or work our lives away. We became outraged at our debt, a mortgage payment, a student loan payment that was the same as a mortgage payment, and the belief that this was the way life is supposed to be. We knew we were born to do more.

We’re on a mission to alter the default system, create a new normal for us and our soon to be born baby, and tell our story along the way.

Who else is paving their own way for a new American Dream?

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