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The Secret to a Happy Life

Ok, well…there are 2 secrets.
1. Happy Wife &
2. Less > More 😉

That first one doesn’t have an end date and neither does the second one. Both are daily practices, not to arrive at perfection, but to arrive at peace. Perfection is made up, similarly to the American Dream being the same path that everyone has to follow.

Practice makes….happiness.

Not perfection. Building a life with less stuff, less fluff, less BS, less of what we are supposed to do, less of those who doubt you, and less debt equals…


More experiences, more love, more motivation, more dedication to those who matter most, more freedom, and more of what the American Dream should be for YOU.

Our lives are predicated on having a destination. But living a lifestyle stripped of things we need less of will keep us moving. Ultimately living a life of experiences without having to arrive at a place…

Unless you consider happiness a place and peace a destination.

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