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Turns Out 2020 Isn’t So Bad After All

We’re elated to share our 5 month secret with all of you!

2020 has been a lot of things….

For us both personally and professionally.  Truthfully, we’ve had a quite the year as many of you have too.  Amazing how the struggles you endure can lead you to a positive path, which is exactly what we are on.  We smitten knowing that we have a little bundle of joy that will be making his or her entrance to the world in 2021!

Focusing on our health and savings for the remainder of our journey

Personally, our debt free journey is almost over.  We’ve worked hard to settle the remaining balance of our debt which currently sits at $63,000 and we’ve paid off $180,000 since we began back in October of 2018.  These past 2 years have been amazing for travels and for paying off our debts while building a net positive financial future.  With our new nomadic baby on the way, we’ve turned our attention to our health savings.

Big brothers and big sisters…

Duke, Chloe, & Blue officially start guard dog duty 02/22/2021!  We know that our little house filled with rescues will be ready to protect their new little human sibling!

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