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Chimney Tops Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

New Trails Each Time We Visit

As many times as we’ve been to the Smokies, the Chimney Tops Trail is one we haven’t completed yet. Mostly because this trail is always BUSY. Particularly this time of year when the leaves are colorful! It’s a 2 mile down and back trail (4 Total) that ends with views of the chimney stack rock formations. Sadly, chimney top 2 is still heavily damaged from the fires in 2016.

Hiking then Updates to our Cabin

Since rain is in the forecast for the rest of our trip, we opted to get our hike in yesterday while we had good weather. The rest of the time we’re here is all about updates and maintenance to our cabin before our Thanksgiving and Christmas guests arrive.

This was Meredith’s first hike since we found out we are expecting and she didn’t even skip a beat! In many cases, I was having to keep up with her!

Who else has hiked the Chimney Tops Trail?

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