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Hot Springs, Arkansas: Labor Day 2020

Happy Labor Day!

Somewhat last minute, we decided to take a quick getaway over to Hot Springs, Arkansas for the weekend. We realized we are only 4 hours from Hot Springs so it was a quick and easy drive.

The best part?

As many of you saw from our stories, we booked the same room at the same bed and breakfast we stayed at during our 1 year wedding anniversary nearly 9 years ago! When we left in 2012, I don’t believe either of us assumed we’d make it back someday.

We’re so thankful we did!

True story, since staying at this particular bed and breakfast, it unlocked a love for us and now when we travel, we usually look for authentic B&B’s wherever we go. We’ve stayed at quite a few since 2012 & it’s all because of the 1884 Wildwood Bed & Breakfast in Hot Springs.

Have a Happy and safe Labor Day everyone!

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