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Murals and Street Art: Hot Springs, Arkansas

Don’t let these angel wings fool you…

I’m known for saying some pretty extensive swear words! But only when I’m really angry, or when I hear someone financed their iPhone, or in traffic, or when a new grey hair starts to come in, or when I’m playing pick up basketball.

Wait…it’s ok for guys to pose with angel wings too, right?

I thought they complemented my outfit that day! 😊. What’s funny about this is we lived in Nashville for 3 years about 8 mins from the famous “What Lifts You” wings in the Gulch near downtown and WE DON’T have any pictures of us with them. Probably because there IS always a line…and we don’t like lines unless it’s for Tacos 😆.

What I can tell you about these wings is that I don’t believe they existing when we first traveled to Hot Springs back in 2012.

Amazing how much murals and street art have become so popular these days! Pretty sure I read something recently that said the “What Lifts You” wings in Nashville is one of the top GPS tagged photo places. Pro-tip about Nashville. There’s murals EVERYWHERE. In fact, if you find our neighborhood “The Nations” there’s an old grain tower several stories in the air that was commissioned to have a well known Australian artist put a mural on it. I won’t spoil it, but it combines the new and the old of our neighborhood. I remember watching him suspended for hours painting it!

Is there Anyone else that can’t resist a photo op with a mural?

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