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Rainbow Row, Charleston, South Carolina

Refers to the row of pastel-colored historic homes located on East Bay Street, just along the Battery.

Last year we had the opportunity to travel to Charleston, South Carolina for the first time.

The only thing more epic than these brightly colored pastel homes on East Bay Street is…the price to own a pastel colored home in Charleston. Seriously, Go look it up. With Cobblestone streets and palm trees, we loved Charleston. Here’s some info about Rainbow Row:


These historic homes were first constructed around 1740 and Unfortunately, after the Civil War, the shops and families that lived in this neighborhood were scattered, and the area descended into unsavory and virtually unvisited slums.

Drunk History

Many have speculated over the true reason for the color transformation of Rainbow Row. One theory is that the homes were painted various pastel colors so that drunk sailors might find their way home easier.

Protect the Pastel

While each is privately owned, the city ordinances are in place to keep their pastel colors intact.

Have you ever been to Rainbow Row?

Charleston’s Rainbow Row

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