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South Padre Island, Texas

Raised on the water…

Meredith is originally from Louisiana near New Orleans and I’m from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Many of summers were spent roaming the beach even taking a quick trip or two over to Florida’s panhandle for clearer water. Every year we always plan at least one beach trip either for just us or to meet family. Last year we visited South Padre Island here in Texas for the first time and loved it. The sand isn’t quite the white sand you usually see in Florida, but the water was beautiful and the sunrise was amazing to see every morning. The most underrated thing to do while at SPI is visiting the large sand dunes at the distant end of the island. It’s a protected park where there aren’t any high rise condos and it’s generally more peaceful because there are less people.

Driving to South Padre Island was definitely different…

Usually when you are getting closer to a destination like a popular tourist place, it’s gets busier, more activity, and more sights to see. Not really with SPI. The drive in is basically flat farm land and you pass through a few small towns. As you continue driving further south it starts to feel like you’ve arrived in Mexico! Little casitas and pop-up shops. Then you cross one large bridge and you’ve arrived. For our RV friends, if you wish to visit South Padre Island via your RV, there’s a KOA on the island! It’s connected to a delicious seafood restaurant on the bay side of the island too!

This year’s beach trip will be memorable because we have Eleanor in tow! We are ready for some sun, sand, waves crashing, and a margarita in our hand!

Who’s been to South Padre Island?

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