Financial Clarity Coaching Programs & Pricing

As a Financial and Lifestyle Coach, I’m here to help guide you to financial clarity. I truly believe that everything is connected to your financial well-being.  I specialize in retirement, real estate, and creative money coaching.  In 2018, my wife and I changed our financial future.  Prior to 2018, we were on a path we assumed was the typical American Dream.  We bought our first home together in a busy and exciting city that we never had the time to enjoy.  Our debt grew exponentially due in part to ‘Lifestyle Creep’.  We didn’t make all the best decisions related to our money and we were working hard instead of smart.

October of 2018 everything changed.  We became more wise with money, we learned to work smart and maximize our income to benefit us, give us more time, and pay off our debts.  We purchased a RV and hit the road fulltime.  As healthcare professionals, it allowed us to leverage our careers into contract work across many hospitals and organizations in our country.  By using the RV as both our home and our tool, we drastically decreased our monthly expenses while doubling our monthly income.  These combined tactics allowed us to rapidly pay off $137,000 in just 12 months!  After another 5 months, we paid another $30,000 of debt off.  In 21 months of our RV and financially independent journey we’ve paid off $169,000!

My goal is to understand your financial goals and help you succeed in living the life you want and not the one you ‘have-to’ or are forced to.

Are you ready to become fluent with finances? Whether you’re trying find debt freedom, financial independence, or change your financial future, we can do this together. Will you let me guide you to financial clarity?

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