Personal Finance Coaching


In the Personal Finance and Budgeting Coaching Program, we offer several paths all leading to improving your current financial landscape.  This includes:

Measuring and Understanding your Debt to Income Ratio

Building your financial goals

Creating a financially fit lifestyle

Daily Financial Spending and Savings Tips and Tricks

Managing Lifestyle Creep

Hobby to Side Hustle Potentials


We offer the most comprehensive coaching plan to help guide you to a better understanding of your personal finance goals.  In this program, we offer a total of 6, 1 hour coaching sessions for you (and your spouse) covering your financial goals.  This particular program is included with both the Debt Freedom and Financial Independence Coaching Programs.  Each session is scheduled for an hour.

While we focus heavily on your goals, these topics can include:
  • Debt to Income Ratio Discussion
  • Budgeting
  • Financial Goals
  • Building a Financially Fit Lifestyle
  • Everyday Financial Tips
  • Managing Lifestyle Creep
  • Emergency Funds, Savings Rate, and No “Lazy Money”
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